Who is Evan Anvers?

Considered one of the finest working photographers in France, Evan Anvers is known for his classic style and ability to capture pure beauty in his subjects. His work has appeared in countless glamour and fashion magazines around the world, and for a model to work with Anvers it is considered an honour. This is why he is in such demand, and why models are willing to travel to him and stay at his Chateau, and to put their beauty (and their careers) in his hands. Many of the world's most beautiful models can trace their beginnings back to Evan Anvers and his Chateau.

What is "The Chateau"?

Built in 1928, The Chateau is located in a quiet Parisian neighborhood near the Left Bank. It is an open and airy space, with many rooms, and in 2008 Anvers placed cameras in every room, some exposed but many concealed. His goal was to capture the models natural beauty in un-posed realism. The Chateau is always "open" and it is possible to spy on the girls inside. You can witness the life of a real French model while she works, plays and poses for Anvers. The models do not know about many of the cameras, or that they are being watched (by you) so they often walk about completely naked! Spy on their intimate moments in the bath, while they dress and when they masturbate. Some models even bring their lesbian girlfriends to the Chateau!

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All models appearing are 18 years or older.